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~It’s no secret that therapeutic massage makes you feel wonderful. ~ 

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"Anyone involved in a helping profession will tell you that real change happens slowly and occurs first within the individual. When people make significant shifts internally, as from a sense of helplessness to empowered action, then changes in their external reality are likely to follow. These are the people who go on to work on their relationships, quit unsatisfying jobs or take their physical well-being seriously in hand to make a shift in their health and well-being. Thus, changes on the surface of their lives reflect the radical change that has occurred deep within their being."

                                                                                                                                                 Article ~ Ben E. Benjamin

My name is Jade.

I am a certified massage therapist. A graduate of the  Minnesota School of Business in Blaine, MN ~ 2010' 

With two years of hands on experience under my belt by the time I graduated, I have been practicing a total of 10 years. I began working for various spas in the twin cities before starting my own business in 2013 in Oakdale, Mn. 

In 2015 I moved my practice to Stillwater, Mn. I have a dedicated client base and room for more.

I am a very therapy oriented massage therapist. Deep tissue and myo-facial release are my preferred modalities, I also maintain a full range of capabilities.

I am an independent therapist and I keep a modest one room office on top of the south hill above main street in Stillwater, Minnesota.   

"I feel it's as important to have hands on healing as it is to eat, breathe, sleep and exercise. I want to help my clients balance their bodies for a fresh, healthy life".~ unknown

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